Testimonial: Mr Martin

Don’t take our word for it, check out the following customer testimonial for concrete proof of our high-quality, professional and friendly approach to the purchase and installation of renewable energy products, designed to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint.

No fuss, no hard sell!

Having had solar panels on our last house we wanted them on our new house. We had received newsletters from Caplor, since Caplor took over the company that supplied our old panels (Southern  Solar). They were one of three quotes that we had for erecting the PV panels on our new house. The sales rep was helpful, no fuss, no hard sell, understood our needs and was willing to fit into our time scale. The panels were put in by two great installers who were quick and tidy and worked without breaks. No mobile phones or smoking!”

No fuss, a quick installation and a competitive price for air source heat pumps!

“On our original meeting with Caplor, some mention was made of air source heat pumps so when we realised our old oil system needed replacing we again got three quotes for a heat pump. Our house is old and has a poor EPC rating. One firm refused to do it, one wanted us to jump through hoops but once again Caplor came out top with no fuss, a quick installation and a competitive price.”

An air source heat pump that surpasses expectations!

Having been through a relatively cold winter, our happy customer is thrilled to report the following about the installation of the air source heat pump:

“We were sceptical about the air source heat pump. But it has surpassed all our expectations, we needed larger radiators but the heat output means that this is the warmest house we have ever lived in, part of the system is underfloor heating and the rest is panel radiators.”

“The pump comes on gently as the temperature starts to fall maintaining our chosen temperature giving a gentle warmth rather than a hot/cold scenario. It is comfortable and easily heats the house and a very large water tank. The most amazing thing about it is the RHI which came as a bit of a surprise.”

Offsetting costs and generating revenue

Our satisfied customer also spoke of the costs gained through the installation of Caplor’s renewable energy systems:

“The amount we are given every three months for using renewable energy is paying for all our heating and towards the initial outlay. The costs are further offset when the sun is shining as the PV panels supply the power for the heating. There is no smell of oil, there are no naked flames, the whole thing is a nice steady warmth which is all we could want.”

“Obviously in the winter more electricity is consumed but that is where the RHI makes it all worthwhile. I really don’t know why more people don’t have this form of heating.”

Is our customer happy, we asked? “Yes” they replied!

Would they recommend us or use us again, we asked? “Yes!”

Would they have an air to water source heat pump again? “Yes”.

Are the solar panels worth having? “Yes!”

Do the panels and the heat pump cover their electricity bill for the year, we asked? “Yes, on our house they do”, replied our happy customer.

 So, it’s definitely a thumb’s up for Caplor Energy’s renewable energy system installation from this satisfied customer!

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