Case Study: Wye Valley Metal

Wye Valley Metal, Herefordshire’s leading recycling business, is benefiting from reduced energy costs and generating an on-going revenue, from the instalment of a third solar system from Caplor Energy.

Mr David, a successful entrepreneur and a Director of Wye Valley Metal, recognises the financial and environmental sense of investing in renewable forms of energy.

Wye Valley Metal has now made three investments in solar systems with Caplor Energy. The latest involved Caplor Energy installing a 100kW solar system at Wye Valley Metal’s Business Park in Monmouthshire. This advanced solar system is designed to accommodate local grid constraints, reduce on-going energy costs and work around the requirements of an operational business.

This 100kW solar system typically costs £80,000, excluding VAT. Annual Feed in Tariff and Export payments are £4,000. The annual savings in electricity purchases made from the installation of the solar system are £10,000. The initial rate of return is 18% and the payback period is 5.5 years. The revenue generated over a 20-year FiT period is £483,367.38.

Wye Valley Metals said they decided to choose Caplor Energy for the installation of the 100kW solar system because Caplor is an established company in the installation of renewable energy systems for businesses and domestic premises.

Mr David said how Wye Valley Metals have used Caplor Energy for its two previous solar installations, and Caplor has also installed a biomass boiler in Mr David’s home.

“We have always found Caplor to the trustworthy, professional and approachable if there is an issue that needs to be resolved,” Mr David added.

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