Case Study: TRP Sealing Systems Ltd

TRP Challenges

  1.  Rising energy costs increasing overall manufacturing costs of products
  2. Increasing pressure from customers to use clean energy and demonstrate an awareness of the environmental impact of the business
  3. Multiple manufacturing sites

Caplor Solutions

  • Capital cost of £70K for six 10kW systems
  • Initial Rate of Return (Year 1): 14%
  • Payback period: 7yrs
  • Revenue & energy savings over 20 years: £310,000
  • Reduction of 72% in the cost of electricity generated (p/kWh)

“Caplor kept us informed of what was happening throughout the project and they handled all the paperwork for the Feed in Tariff on our behalf. The team were able to get the job done with minimal disruption to our factory operations. Really pleased.”

– Ian Chatfield, Director

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