There has recently been a double dose of good news for the both employment and the renewable energy sectors in England and Wales. It’s all thanks to a new £1 billion scheme to install energy-producing solar panels on the roofs of social housing buildings.

The plan will see solar panels installed on 100,000 households across the two countries over the next eighteen months. As well as contributing to the UK government’s intention to produce more and more energy from renewable sources, the new solar panels will reduce the cost of energy for the people who live in the homes where they are installed.

It has been estimated that the average energy bill of these households will drop to around £240, which could mean an average decrease of a £1000.

Solar Panel Project Creating New Jobs

As well as reducing the cost of energy to the households where the solar panels are installed, the task of installing them in the first place will create a thousand new jobs.

Greg Hands is the government’s International Trade Minister and he believes that the solar panel project is a sign of healthy foreign investment in UK business. Mr Hands recently visited a social housing building development in London to see the new solar panels being installed, where he said of the project, “After a record year for new foreign investment into the UK, this initial £160 million capital expenditure program will deliver massive benefits to some of the UK’s poorest households. As well as creating one thousand jobs and delivering cheaper energy bills for up to 800,000 homes, it shows yet another vote of confidence in the UK as a place to invest and do business.”

It is understood that many of the new jobs being created will be go to veterans of the armed forces, who will be tasked with the ongoing maintenance of the solar panels as well as the original installations.

Long Term Plans to Install Even More Solar Panels

That £160 million initial outlay covers the first phase of the plan where 100,000 homes will have the energy-producing panels installed, but ultimately the long term plan is to see 800,000 households fitted with them over the next five years. There are currently over forty local authorities and landlords signed up to the programme and that number is only likely to increase.

The area which will see the most solar panels installed will be the north west of England, with 290,000 homes currently pledged to receive the solar panels. Other areas with similarly significant amounts of installations will be the north east and the midlands, with somewhere between 150,000 and 200,000 installations each.

Britain’s Renewable Energy Future

This scheme has been welcomed by everyone hoping to see the UK move towards a more sustainable future in terms of its energy usage. It is to be expected that this project will eventually be expanded further to include more and more homes where possible, which will work in tandem with more British businesses being encouraged to receive as much of their energy as possible from renewable sources.


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