Power Purchase Agreement

If you would like to receive the benefits of a solar energy system but would prefer to utilise your capital for other business needs, then Caplor Energy can offer you a Power Purchase Agreement.  This capital-free option will allow your business to enjoy reduced energy costs without any financial outlay.

  • Capital free
  • Transparent paperwork
  • Utilise your  roof space
  • Reduced Opex for your business
  • No installation, operational or monitoring costs
  • Demonstrate your CSR credentials

You may know this as ‘rent a roof’ but we call our fully funded solar panel scheme a ‘Power Purchase Agreement’ and is just another way that Caplor Energy can help ensure we build a sustainable future.

Utilising roof space on an industrial unit in Herefordshire


150kWp Tier 1 solar panels. Renusole mounting system.

Carbon saving:

60T per year

Annual output:


Forecasted 25-year saving:


Power Purchase Agreement FAQs

Q: So why is a solar photovoltaic (PV) installation on the rooftop of my building good for business?

A: Because you benefit from electricity at a discounted, index-linked rate for 25 years. You will also prove to your employees, shareholders, customers and other stakeholders that you are committed to carbon reduction, which is good for business. There is no capital outlay which means you get the benefits of solar while directing investment to your core activities.

Q: Is the weather in the UK really suitable for solar PV electricity generation?

A: Yes!  That’s why solar panels are now quite common across the country. The solar irradiance levels in the UK are similar to areas in other countries (e.g. in Germany) where hundreds of thousands of rooftop installations have been successfully completed and are generating electricity for businesses.

Q: What will putting solar PV on my rooftop cost me?

A: Nothing. Caplor will bear all costs for the installation and maintenance of the solar PV system.

Q: Have you installed solar PV systems before?

A: Yes. Caplor is one of the UK’s pioneers in solar for business providing companies with a source of clean, affordable energy. We only use qualified and certificated contractors that work to the highest quality levels and all of our components are Tier 1.

Q: Who maintains the installation?

A: We do – Caplor and its contractors maintain the installation. You will have no responsibility for the maintenance. We monitor the system remotely and undertake routine site visits to make sure you get maximum benefit.

Q: Are there any grants for solar PV installations?

A: No.

Q: How long will my Power Purchase Agreement last?

A: Our lease agreement with you is for 25 years. After that we will transfer the solar installation to you – it has a predicted life of 40 years.

Q: What happens if my roof gets damaged during installation?

A: Caplor works with highly skilled, professional and trusted contractors. We ensure that all roof installations are of the highest order. In the unlikely event of any damage during installation we put it right straight away at our cost.

Q: Is there a meter to measure my usage?

A: Yes. We meter the energy generated by the solar PV system and the amount of electricity you consume.

Q: Could occupiers of the property, or anything inside, be disturbed by the solar PV installation?

A: No. Caplor will liaise with you on the best day and time to survey the rooftop and install the system. Once installed, there is no disturbance whatsoever. The system does not produce any noise, vibration, fumes, electromagnetic radiation or any other harmful emissions.

Q: If I want to undertake any building development during the term of the lease, can I?

A: Yes. This will be covered in our lease agreement and we’ll negotiate a solution with you if there is a need to turn the system off.

Q: If I want to sell my property during the term of the lease, what happens?

A: The lease remains binding on the next owner who will enjoy the benefits of a solar PV system.

Q: This sounds good, but what is in it for Caplor?

A: The generation of electricity through solar PV is government subsidised. Caplor will receive the subsidies and a fair price from you for the electricity we generate. This pays back the investment made to install the system on your roof.

Q: Where can I get more information?

A: We like to meet people so call Alan Warren on 01432 860644 or email alan@caplor.co.uk and discuss the benefits of solar for business.


We are accredited with a number of codes, practises and are also partnered with reputable companies within the renewable energy sector
Fronius Service Partner
Tesla Powerwall
Solar Edge
Chamber Business Awards
Renewable Energy Consumer Code
Solar Trade Association
Farmers Weekly
Advance Solar Installer
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