Solar PV for Community

Caplor Energy’s vision is to contribute towards creating a vibrant and sustainable community. That’s why we’re focused on supporting projects that benefit people and their communities.

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience. Working with councils, community groups and co-operatives in delivering high quality renewable energy products and solutions. If you are involved in the running or maintenance of a community building then contact us for informative and friendly advice.

We have already allocated hundreds of thousands of pounds to community projects. Ranging from village halls, to school buildings and visitor centres at no upfront cost. Under this initiative, the costs of an installation would be paid over a period based on the payments received from the Feed-in Tariff scheme.

Once the system costs are paid in full, the community group will then also benefit from reduced energy rates. This is in addition to the energy savings on their bill which they receive from day one. Over the lifetime of the project it is expected that a typical 4kW system under the Community Initiative will deliver savings and an income totaling thousands for each community group.

To see some examples of our community installations please visit our case study page.

Community Solar Initiative

As part of the Community Solar Initiative, Caplor Energy is offering to reduce any of the CSI projects ongoing balance by £100 for every resident in the villages around them who installs a solar PV system with Caplor Energy. Best of all, the resident will also get an extra £100 off their system costs!

If you are interested in our Community Solar PV Initiative please contact us:

01432 860 644 quoting the referral CSI code above appropriate to your area.


We are accredited with a number of codes, practises and are also partnered with reputable companies within the renewable energy sector
Fronius Service Partner
Tesla Powerwall
Solar Edge
Chamber Business Awards
Renewable Energy Consumer Code
Solar Trade Association
Farmers Weekly
Advance Solar Installer

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