Biomass boilers provide low carbon, wood fuelled heating systems for your home or business

Biomass boilers burn wood pellets, chips or logs to provide space heating and hot water in a domestic or commercial property as well as across multiple buildings in the form of a district heating system.

The Benefits of Biomass Heating

  • Affordable heating fuel- Although the price of wood fuel varies, it is often cheaper than other heating options. Wood sourced on your own land will reduce energy bills substantially.
  • Benefit from a guaranteed income- Caplor biomass boilers are eligible for government backed Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) payments.
  • Lower your carbon emissions- COemissions when wood is burned are the same amount that was absorbed the plant was growing. When new plants grow in place of those that are burned you can take advantage of a carbon neutral fuel source.

Pellets, Chips or Logs?

  • Pellets and chips are much easier to use and much more controllable than logs. Biomass boilers running of these fuels can operate automatically in much the same way that gas or oil boilers operate. Most pellet and chip burners use automatic fuel feeders which refill them at regular intervals.
  • Log-burning stoves and boilers have to be filled with wood by hand and require considerably more work. You will need a lot of logs to heat a whole house, but they can be cheaper than pellets if you have a good local supply.
  • All biomass fuel used by RHI participants must be sourced from a supplier on the Biomass Suppliers List at the time the fuel was purchased. This is a list of suppliers of sustainable biomass fuel.


Biomass boilers need to be kept clean and swept regularly to remove ash.


Ash quantities are generally very low, however you will still need to empty the boilers ash bin. This is likely to be weekly and never more than once a day. A log fire requires ash removal before every use.

Some biomass boilers have self-cleaning systems. They will collect ash from the combustion grate and the heat exchanger tubes. If the ash is not cleaned out regularly, it will build up and adversely affect the biomass boilers operation.

For peace of mind we are able to offer an annual service check as well as ongoing maintenance agreements.


Caplor Energy biomass boilers are suitable for domestic, commercial, industrial and community schemes, offering a wide choice of fuel options from wood chip and pellet to log and straw, our engineers will design a system to lower energy costs and provide an efficient, carbon neutral heating system. Based in Herefordshire our experienced team has installed systems throughout the UK as well as at our own offices.

If you would like to visit and see how a biomass boiler operate daily please contact us.


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