Hurricane Irma shows that Government can’t afford to neglect climate change any longer

The destruction caused by Hurricane Irma shows that governments and singles ours out in the UK, cannot afford to take a backseat in international efforts to battle climate change any longer, argues an editorial in the Independent.

Our government’s failure to address the role that climate change has played in the hurricane is “utter, arrogant nonsense”, the editorial argues. “To accept that if we are to reduce the number and suffering of future victims, we must recognise the signs of global warming for what they really are in the here and now.”

In The Observer, Bob Ward, communications director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change, argues that Irma and Harvey reveal the “true cost” of Trump’s climate denial. “The president’s luxurious Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida may escape Irma’s wrath, but with the deaths of so many Americans, and billions of dollars in damage to homes and businesses, the costs of climate change denial are beginning to pile up at the door of the White House,” writes Ward.

And in The Guardian Bill McKibben, US veteran environmental campaigner and writer, argues that the recent hurricanes, flash fires and droughts that have hit North America tell us that “we need to rethink how we live without delay”. “Even if we kept the promises we made at Paris (which Trump has already, of course, repudiated) we’re going to build a planet so hot that we can’t have civilisations.”