There are so many huge brands around now that it can be easy to forget there is a whole design and manufacturing process that goes into all of the products that are so ubiquitous these days. Such processes use a lot of energy, so it’s worth taking the time to see which companies are trying to be more environmentally responsible with regard to their energy usage.


Thankfully, many of the major brands are responding positively to customer demands for more reliance on renewable energy, so here a few examples of some of the world’s leading brands that are doing just that.




Apple have developed their own climate change strategy which involves a comprehensive mapping of their carbon footprint. By doing this they have identified that the manufacturing of their products is the primary contributor to their carbon footprint, making up 77% of their total. This is mainly due to the emissions caused by the electricity their factories use to make the products such as their iPhones, iPads and Mac computers.


To reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible, the company is attempting to source lower carbon materials while making deals with suppliers to encourage the use of renewable energy. They are also ensuring their latest California-based campus is powered by 100% renewable energy via huge solar panel installations.


Goldman Sachs


The Goldman Sachs Group is a multinational finance company that primarily deals in global investment banking as well as a variety of other financial services such as asset management, investment management, mergers and acquisitions. They have courted controversy over the years but there is no denying how successful they have been, and now they are turning their attention  to clean technology and renewable energy projects.


For the last couple of years they have invested $40 billion towards financing companies who promote clean and green technology. One such example, the Japan Renewable Project Bond Trust, is dedicated to introducing clean energy developers to like-minded investors to hasten Japan’s transition to a low-carbon future.




Recently, the world’s largest retailer has been engaged in something of a battle for green energy bragging rights, with both Walmart and their biggest US-based rival, Target, leading the way when it comes to renewable energy usage. Both companies are the top corporate solar installers in the United States, with Target taking the top spot from Walmart for the first time last year. However, Walmart win a place on this list because they had been top for the previous five years and have been long been a Green Power Partner of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


While there may be plenty of people who don’t particularly like Walmart’s one-stop-shop method of retailing, it’s highly encouraging to see such a global behemoth genuinely trying to make a positive difference.


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