So not long until the the chancellor gives the detail on some of the proposed measures to help boost the economy post (current) Covid impacts.

The public has made it clear, trade bodies have made it clear, economists have made it clear – Article after report.  It is an imperative that we collectively take this moment in history to really kick start the ”green revolution” that is required if we are to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and take advantage of the huge economic and social benefits that are presented in doing so.

The figures appear to suggest 3 Billion of spend here and that is a fantastic start.  But lets not forget the country was actually promised over 9 Billion in the pre election presentations for these measures.  Lets also not forget that we are legally obliged to take these actions let alone morally and only today groups are taking Govt to task again on not delivering…….  Meanwhile ”we” also declared that we wish to be a world leader when it comes to Climate change and yet just comparing this investment to that of the German and French response and see that they are spending  36B and 13.5B respectively……..

So this is hopefully a great start and in the right direction, lets hope it is but a start – am hugely supportive but cant help be reminded of what teacher used to say – ”could do better”

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