Glossary of Terms

FiT Generator = the person or company that owns the solar system and will be receiving FiT payments.

Nominated recipient = a person nominated by the FiT generator to receive FiT payments.

Total Installed Capacity = the rated output of each solar panel multiplied by the number of panels

Declared Net Capacity = the rated output of the inverter (often lower than the TiC)

EPC certificate = Energy Performance Certificate is an assessment on the energy efficiency of your property. Caplor may have arranged for an EPC before the installation of your solar system, or you may have one already.

EPC certificate number = the 20 digit number on the top of your EPC (labelled the certificate reference number).

Proof of accreditation = Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) is a requirement of the FiT scheme (an example is shown on page 2).

Proof of purchase or evidence of ownership = Once your invoice is paid Caplor will send you a Paid Invoice to send off with your application.

Electricity supply number (MPAN) = the ‘address’ of your electricity effectively. This can be found on old electricity bills, or you can contact your provider and ask.

If you have any queries about how to fill in your FiT application form please call or email the Caplor Energy office for help:

01432 860644

Common Electricity Providers

CompanyWebsitePhone number
SSE 026 2658
British Gas 202 9802
EDF energy 056 7777
E.ON 052 0000
npower 073 3000
havenpower 277556
Scottish power 027 0072
Good Energy 254 0000

Step-By-Step Guide

Please note that all energy providers have slightly different forms. Requirements may vary so reading your form thoroughly is advised before filling it out.

1. Identify your energy provider (the company you pay for electricity)

2. Search online for your energy provider’s relevant feed in tariff application form and print it out (some providers have an on-line option too)

3. You will need the following information to fill in and accompany the feed in tariff application form:

a) EPC**
b) Valid meter reading (sometimes a photo of this reading too)
c) Proof of accreditation – MCS certificate or ROO-FIT accreditation letter**
d) Proof of ownership or purchase**
e) Signed Energy Efficiency Declaration
f) Proof of Identification

**Caplor Energy will send this in your Hand-over pack

4. Most applications will ask for your contact details, address of the site where the solar system is installed, and your bank details.

5. If asked whether you want to apply for generation and export payments, if the system is under 30kW, always tick generation and deemed export. If over 30kW you need to decide whether you want to receive Export payments (an Export meter will be required)

6. Electricity supply or MPAN number

7. When asked about the generation system, you will find the details on the MCS certificate here:

a) MCS certificate number
b) Total installed capacity (TIC)
c) Declared net capacity (DNC)
d) Installation/Commissioning date

8. In the generation meter details:

a) Make and model
b) Location (in your home) (e.g. in the garage)
c) Serial number
d) Reading – this must be taken on the day you send in the application

9. If asked whether you have an Export meter, all systems under 30kw will answer ‘no’, those over 30kW should decide whether they are likely to export power back into the grid.

10. You will be asked to sign two Declarations – read through carefully deciding which Energy Efficiency statement applies to you (most people will sign Declaration 1 stating they have an EPC of Band D or higher), then sign to say whether you own more than 25 solar systems.

11. Once the form and supporting documents are complete, email (or post) to the address shown on the form. We recommend sending with an email read receipt or proof of postage.


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