The Hereford Herd

We are developing a small stock of pedigree Hereford cattle.  Whilst we’re looking forward to showing animals and developing the breed, we anticipate the herds expansion to create a more founded work profile for our staff, reducing seasonal variation and ensuring employment throughout the year.

Grass-Fed Cattle & Greenhouse Gas Emissions

We advocate pasture-based systems and grass-fed cattle, due to the improved meat nutritional value of grass-fed cattle (higher Omega 3 content) as well as the environmental benefits of feeding cattle grass rather than grain.

As our business partner, board member and a member of the local community, Will Edwards is carrying out excellent work in investigating how the greenhouse gas emissions from cattle can be reduced by using pasture-based systems and experimenting with his cattle’s diet.

Will has been participating in a trial to feed garlic extract to his cattle, investigating its potential to reduce the methane emissions of his livestock and has been interviewed by CNN on this trial.

In addition to plant hire and machinery involved with the building business, we have always been involved with contracting work within agriculture. We offer assistance with a range of agricultural activities – from specialist potato production to muck-hauling for livestock farmers. We also bale hay and straw in the summer and sell to merchants.

We are pleased to speak to anybody who needs contracting work. For people looking to reduce costs and looking for an efficient service, please contact Gareth.


We are accredited with a number of codes, practises and are also partnered with reputable companies within the renewable energy sector
Fronius Service Partner
Tesla Powerwall
Solar Edge
Chamber Business Awards
Renewable Energy Consumer Code
Solar Trade Association
Farmers Weekly
Advance Solar Installer

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