Scottish Power is to become the UK’s first major energy supplier to switch to generating 100% of its energy via renewable sources. The suppliers’ customers will still receive some electricity generated from non-renewable sources that the firm has bought from other energy generating companies. However, Scottish Power itself has sold off its remaining gas and hydro stations and will rely entirely on wind power and other renewable energy technologies. Other businesses have started looking at the possibility of using solar thermal systems as there alternative.

Scottish Power’s Chief Executive Keith Anderson said of the switch to 100% renewable energy:

“We are leaving carbon generation behind for a renewable future powered by cheaper green energy. We have closed coal, sold gas and built enough wind to power 1.2 million homes.”

Investment in Renewable Energy to Increase

The sale of the gas and hydro stations to the Drax Group brought in over £700 million and comes in the wake of Scottish Power closing down all of its coal plants. That money is just a fraction of the amount Scottish Power intend on investing in renewable energy in the future. The firm has announced plans to invest a total of £5.2 billion into the expansion of its renewable energy capacity over the next four years.

The investment will see the incorporation of more renewable energy sources like sunlight, rain, tides and waves, as well as the currently predominant wind power.

This change means Scottish Power become the first of the UK’s Big Six energy suppliers to switch entirely to renewable energy generation. There is currently no plans for any of the others – including British Gas, EDF Energy, E.ON, Npower and SSE – to join them.

Popularity of Green Energy Increasing

With some encouragement from the Government, such as the plan to phase out coal power by 2025, greener energy sources have continued to grow in popularity. As well as the increased awareness of the environmental issues among consumers, there are more alternatives available now than ever before.

Smaller energy suppliers such as Good Energy and Ecotricity are offering tariffs of 100% renewable electricity. The energy generated for these tariffs come from a number of green sources, such as solar panels as well as wind turbines and hydro power.

Abundance of Renewable Energy Technology

While more and more and people are investing in solar panels for their homes, the popularity of commercial solar thermal systems for businesses is also increasing. This is partly due to the potential additional earnings available via the Non-Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI).

The RHI – both the commercial and domestic versions – is a Government scheme. The initiative uses financial incentives to encourage the incorporation of renewable heat technologies such as solar thermal systems into households, businesses and even whole communities.

However, with this latest development in the energy industry seeing one of the traditional Big Six switching entirely to renewable sources, it is no longer just the customers who are preferring to use cleaner and greener energy.

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