Gas and electricity provider Bristol Energy has announced three new tariffs covering renewable energy and green gas for their customers. They will be mostly powered by wind and solar power plants from the local area.

The company believes the tariffs will make the region a cleaner and greener as well as healthier place for locals.

Two of the new tariffs are called BE Simply Green and BE Super Green. The third is called Big Issue Super Green.

New Tariffs to Have ‘100% Gas Carbon Offsets’

Bristol has about ten years to achieve its ultimate carbon-neutral target by 2030. The city was actually the first major built-up area in the UK to acknowledge the current climate emergency.

The new tariffs will have 100% gas carbon offsets. The wind power will come from Grannell Coop Energy and the solar power from Gower Power, both in nearby Wales.

The Managing Director of Bristol Energy, Marek Majewicz, said of the new green tariffs: “We are pleased to now only offer green products to new customers, encouraging green energy and supporting local renewable generators across wind, solar, hydro and bio.

“By sourcing electricity directly from renewable generators, we’re committing to supporting local businesses and communities who generate renewable power, by giving them a route to market and a good price for the power they sell.”

Grannell Coop Wind Power

Grannell Community Energy is a Community Benefit Society, which means that anyone aged 16 or above can become a member. To become a member you must purchase shares to become a part-owner of a wind turbine.

The community wind turbines at Ffrwd Farm in Llanwnnen, Ceredigion, were commissioned last year and are already operational. The organisation states that their mission is to: “Help mid-Wales develop a clean energy future, mitigate climate change by installing renewable energy generation, and to do this in a fair and democratic way by spreading the ownership and benefits across the community rather than concentrated in the hands of the few.”

Gower Power Solar Power

Swansea-based Gower Power are a community co-operative owned and controlled by its members. Their members are experts in the development of renewable energy projects. They put such projects into community ownership while providing additional asset management and administrative services. They also aim to help other ecologically focused enterprises get started and maximise the impact they can make.

Gower Power’s local partner projects are set to provide £2 million to groups around Swansea over the next two decades. About £3 million of the funds they manage will also be distributed to communities and solar farms in England.

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