As the science of climate chaos has become vastly clearer in the past twenty years, the warnings have got starker and the rearguard action fought by climate deniers has grown fiercer.

Way back in 1997 the Kyoto Protocol ( an international treaty agreement between 192 countries still had not kicked in properly to acknowledge or counter climate change effects.

Later in 2005 talks were revitalised at the G8 Summit thus forcing world leaders to confront the global climate change issue.

In 2006 the Review of the Economics of Climate Change by Nicholas Stern an ex-World Bank chief economist ( showed that a few per cent of GDP was cheaper to tackle the effects of climate change than the consequences of not doing so.

Later studies in 2009 and 2012 show how people nationally began to support the renewable technology concept to tackle climate change

Then four years ago in 2015 a new global world wide treaty was formed to prevent heating crossing the crucial 2C threshold (  ).  Governments have followed this up with laws to enforce net zero carbon emissions by mid-century.

Who could have foreseen that climate protests today would become mass movements, that thousands of people are prepared to be arrested and schoolchildren globally shame their elders by going on strike.

From day to day, year on year the ice continues to melt a fraction, the sea laps closer to the shore, the carbon count ticks slowly upward, but over the last decade and a half there has been a dramatic change in global attitudes, not just at the melting ice caps.

We have had stark warnings by the scientists that we are coming close to disaster with the climate change effects.

Here at Caplor we too have seen renewable energy evolve enormously over the last decade:  over 1000 Solar PV installations, huge increases in advanced battery technology and of course Solar Thermal solutions for hot water along with heat pumps that take the heat out of the atmosphere to circulate it within a property.

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