Over the last seven weeks, Caplor has hosted Suzanne Green on a placement with Project Green, a government initiative offered by Keele University. Project Green gives unemployed graduates the chance to complete a placement in the environmental sector in order to improve their CVs whilst getting experience in a fast moving and developing industry.

Suzanne has been researching and developing ways that Caplor can increase its contribution to the sustainability agenda: being both a farm and a young sustainable enterprise, Caplor has a vision to constantly increase its ‘green’ footprint. This is both a marketing point that sets Caplor apart from other renewable firms and a genuine vision that Caplor works to fulfil.

Suzanne says:

Over the last seven weeks I have been working at Caplor Energy. From the very beginning I was treated as a valued member of the team (even though I got lost on my first day). I was given responsibility from the start, and was allowed plenty of chance to prove myself. This responsibility gave me a chance to gain experience in the workplace, and provided me with a valuable insight into the way that small and developing businesses run. I am starting teacher training in a few weeks meaning that the planning and organisational skills that I have learned will prove invaluable.

During my placement I have been trying to increase Caplor’s sustainability credentials, an important job for both the firm and the environment. Caplor’s beautiful farm setting and commitment to the environment contribute to its biggest selling point – the ability to practice the message that it tries to promote. This commitment is the most impressive element of Caplor, and one that I hope to be able to adopt in my future work.

 In the course of my work, I have been given a wide range of opportunities. I have been able to organise two events myself, one of which involved giving a briefing to the rest of the staff the day before. This was a valuable experience, and one that I would have been unlikely to get elsewhere. Additionally, I have been introduced to several people who work in the environmental sector. This was due to attending an award ceremony at the beginning of my placement and being given the chance to talk to a range of people connected with Caplor and local ‘green’ initiatives.

The highlight of my placement was the chance to start making arrangements for Caplor’s contribution to the h.Energy week, a weeklong festival in Herefordshire promoting the sustainability agenda. Although my placement will have ended by the time the festival happens in October, I have been able to make the initial plans and preparations for the event, and are so interested in its outcome that I will be coming back to help out on the day.

Although I have only been at Caplor for a few weeks, I have gained an insight into the running of a new, exciting, and fast moving business that will continue to grow and be successful. I have also met a set of wonderful people that I have really enjoyed working for and hope to stay in touch with.

Thank you Caplor!

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