At Martin and Co, having recently been recognised as the Best Large Lettings Chain in the UK during the Estate and Letting Agent Awards, our branch in Merthyr Tydfil has taken steps to improve our profile by addressing the sustainability agenda. With over 175 letting agents around the country, our Merthyr Tydfil branch boasts long standing connections with green business Caplor Energy. Through this connection, we have been inspired to obtain funding for the installation of rolled loft insulation, amongst other sustainable technologies, to improve the ‘green’ footprint of some of our properties.

Properties without loft installation lose around 25% of their heat through the roof leading to unnecessary energy bills and excess carbon use. The average property, once installed with loft insulation, would save 1.4 tonnes of carbon each year. Moreover, these improvements not only reduce the carbon footprint of properties to which they are fitted but also lower energy bills. British Gas estimates that rolled loft installation saves 15% off household energy bills at an average value of £150 per year.

Realising these benefits and wishing to reduce our carbon footprint, we have to date had insulation installed in 5 properties under a grant funding scheme, a total of 1000m of rolled insulation.

The insulation in these properties alone will save around 7 tonnes of carbon each year (the equivalent of driving for 9829.4 miles) and will save energy costs of £750. In addition, here at Martin and Co. we prefer to adapt our choice of sustainable technologies to suit each individual property: hot and cold water jackets have been installed in two houses, loft piping lagged in another and double glazing fitted to 15 properties.

The type of rolled insulation that has been used varies between the different properties in order to maximise the benefits that each one receives.

Following the success achieved during the trial period, we will be offering this service to any existing or potential landlords for a nominal arrangement fee.

Anybody interested or looking for more information should contact Martin Edwards at

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