As more people consider installing solar panels at their homes or their business premises, more questions about maintenance are asked. Thankfully they are quite easy questions to answer.

Tilted Solar Panel Installations

Most roofs, especially domestic, will include a slant to prevent rain gathering in large puddles. Such roofs are ideal for the installation of solar panels as the rain actually helps keep them clean. The rain washes away dust and dirt and thus helps to maximise the solar panels’ exposure to the sunlight.

This doesn’t mean that the solar PV system won’t require occasional servicing to ensure maximum performance. However, the cloudy skies that bring rain need not necessarily be a bad thing for the solar panels themselves.

Flat Solar Panel Installations

Such installations as these will usually be applicable to commercial sites, where much larger buildings are designed with flat roofs. While the space at such sites is perfect for solar panel installations, they are more likely to require regular servicing. This is because the rain will not act as a natural cleaner due to the lack of tilt on flat roofs. It can gather in puddles and will not necessarily wash away the dust that naturally gathers.

One solution is to install the panels themselves at a tilt even if the roof itself is flat. Another is to simply arrange for a regular servicing to ensure the system is always performing at maximum capability.

Solar Panel Maintenance Options

Caplor Energy offer a one-off clean and service option which requires no ongoing commitment. This means you can have your solar panels back performing to their optimum ability whenever you feel they need it.

There is also a Constant Cover package available which includes a comprehensive monitoring service. Solar PV systems that are constantly monitored perform between 10 and 30% better than those that are not maintained regularly. That is according to extensive solar panel research performed by Google.

Caplor Energy Constant Cover Package

The Constant Cover package consists of round-the-clock monitoring of the system’s functions, with any performance problems identified and solved quickly. One of Caplor’s fully qualified engineers will conduct an entire system check to ensure maximum performance efficiency.

The package also includes access to the performance data. This includes the energy generation as well as month on month and even year on year comparisons.

An annual report will also be compiled detailing the performance of the system and any issues encountered. The system will also kept squeaky clean with de-ionised water which helps it maximise its exposure to the sunlight.

If you are interested in installing solar panels at your home or business or require experts to run a check on existing solar panel system, email Caplor Energy or call 01432 860644. Caplor are award-winning experts in the design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.

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