Scottish Power Developing Huge Super Battery

A massive super battery is being built at the UK’s largest wind farm to store the excess energy generated there. The Scottish government recently approved the plans and construction begins soon. Once complete, the battery will be the equivalent size of half a football pitch.

The location in question is the Whitelee wind farm on Eaglesham Moor, just south of Glasgow. A total of 215 turbines generate power there and the new lithium-ion battery will maximise its energy generation capacity.  It will work by storing excess electricity when wind speeds are high and using that electricity when wind speeds drop.

The planned new capacity will make Whitelee wind farm by far the largest wind farm in the UK.

New Battery Project to be First of Many

Scottish Power operates the wind farm and intend the battery storage site to be the first of many similar projects. A minimum of six of Scottish Power’s largest renewable energy sites will receive similar treatment over the following eighteen months. The firm says the project is going to be a ‘big step’ towards continuous renewable power for the whole country.

The Chief Executive of Scottish Power, Keith Anderson, said, “Batteries will take renewable energy to the next level. It is a nice, neat solution to help use more and more renewable power in the UK, because that is what we need to be doing to reach a net zero-carbon economy.

“Over a period of time, we will get to use much more wind output from the project, and across the whole of the country, because even at times of low demand we will be able to capture far more of the wind rather than wasting that potential energy.”

Onshore Wind is the ‘Cheapest’ and ‘Crucial’ to Decarbonisation

Scottish Power’s chief also explained how it is known that renewable energy generation needs to quadruple. He said onshore wind is the cheapest form of green energy and we need to integrate it with storage technologies. Adding that the new project will be “blowing away one of the myths about renewable generation not being available when you need it.”

He also explained how natural resources like wind and solar are variable in their very nature. This means battery storage can ensure our ability to use the resource most effectively is optimised.

Mr Anderson added, “If we are to meet the bold target of net-zero by 2050 and deliver the decarbonisation of our economy, transport and heating systems, large battery storage facilities such as this along with more wind farms like Whitelee are crucial.”

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