UK Considers Stricter Renewable Energy Measures

The UK Government has been advised to act quickly on the issue of setting a new carbon emissions target. If there is much more delay, it could result in catastrophe.

The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has been tasked with determining whether or not the UK’s current emissions reducing strategy is doing enough to completely eliminate carbon emissions within the next thirty years. It is expected that any improvements to the current strategy will involve changing how we generate power, as well as how it is used in industry, transport, buildings and in our every day lifestyles.

Ambitious Targets to Avoid Catastrophic Effects

The ‘catastrophic effects’ of climate change include the loss of Arctic ice and the extinction of coral reefs. Environment experts believe setting more ambitious targets can help avoid the worst of these.

Currently the Paris Climate Agreement provides Governments with an emissions reduction target representing a 2 degrees Celsius rise. The more ambitious target suggested by United Nations experts is a rise of 1.5 degrees Celsius. However, it is also widely believed that all major energy generating countries will need to reduce their emissions to net zero as soon as possible to avoid the damaging effects of climate change.

Prime Minister Theresa May said of the Government’s request for advice from the CCC:

“On the global stage, the UK is driving forward action on climate change through our work at the UN and with our Commonwealth partners. To ensure that we continue to lead from the front, we are asking the experts to advise on targets for net zero emissions.”

Spain’s Green Energy Plan a ‘Wake-Up Call’

The Government advisors tasked with eliminating carbon emissions can take inspiration from another country that has already implemented their own renewable energy strategy. Spain’s recent announcement that they are planning to switch entirely to renewable energy by 2050 has been greeted with enthusiasm by supporters of green technology.

SolarPower Europe is an organisation dedicated to ensuring more energy is generated by solar than any other energy source by the year 2030. Their Chief Executive Officer James Watson said of the Spanish renewable energy strategy:

“It is exciting to see Spain setting the pace in its commitment to a 100% renewable powered future. Spain’s energy ambition is a wake-up call to all the other states across the world, as it demonstrates what we know: it is possible to power large economies by renewables in the very near future.”

Spain’s plan involves investing heavily in wind and solar power while banning new licences for environmentally unfriendly practices such as fracking and drilling for fossil fuels. Whether the UK Government will ever take such a serious stance on the issue themselves remains to be seen.

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