In a bid to clean up and improve perceptions of town and city centres, a nationwide scheme called ‘Windows on Art’ has started installing artwork in the windows of empty shops. This scheme has recently been adopted by Herefordshire Council’s Arts team who plan to install larger than life reproductions of artworks by some of our most popular artists. Indeed, they intend to create a pop-up-gallery called ‘the space’ in the city centre.

In order to fill these windows Herefordshire County Council ran a competition entitled the ‘Pride of Herefordshire’ Photo Competition in order to obtain photos of the local area for one of their displays. The winning photos were put together and displayed in shop windows so that the campaign could utilise the beauty and natural resources of Herefordshire.

We have recently been informed that Margaret Biggs at Mount Pleasant entered a photo of Caplor farm taken from the bottom of Caplor Hill into the competition and has successfully had her photo used for the display. Here at Caplor we are both proud of Margaret for her great achievement and are flattered that she decided to photograph our land here at Caplor.

We agree that it is a brilliant photo: clearly the judges have good taste. Thank you Margaret!!!

The photo:

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