Last Friday, the staff and friends of Caplor got together for a summer party. In the afternoon, members of the Caplor office and the farm workers went canoeing, and in the evening everyone gathered at Gareth’s house for dinner. Suzanne says:

At around 4pm everybody met at the Caplor offices, and at about 4.30 we piled into cars with canoes on the back and drove to Holme Lacy to launch. A few people went in boats on their own, but most people went in pairs or threes. As soon as we had set off the splashing began (Stephen Kessler was the main culprit!!!!) Within about 100 metres most people were soaked which added to the fun, let everyone relax, and paved the way for a fantastic canoe outing. We were only on the water for around half an hour, but that time included boat hopping, eating Pringles, and getting thrown in the water when my boat capsized. For many of us who had not been canoeing for a long time, if ever, this was a fantastic experience, and great fun for all involved.

One of the (many) highlights of the canoeing trip was the opportunity to use the solar powered showers. The farm’s solar hot water was put to good use as several cold and wet workers returned to the farm needing to get ready for the evening party. The warm showers were gratefully received and gave everybody a chance to thaw out.

The evening was just as fun: the office staff and farm workers were joined by the friends, partners and associates of Caplor for an evening do in Gareth’s house. Bryony had cooked wonderful lasagne with salad and Anna had prepared the best cheesecake EVER (seriously – I had to steal the recipe).

During the evening, we took the opportunity to prepare for a new feature that is to appear on our website called ‘meet the team’. This involves putting a short profile of everybody involved with Caplor on the website, along with photos of them at work and in action. The party provided a chance, whilst everybody was together, for people to write profiles of themselves: forms were handed out asking people their role at Caplor and to think of an interesting fact about themselves. The answers were varied, with the interesting facts ranging from Wayne, who once shot Gareth and left him for dead, to Paul, who tried to run up a building.


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