Why choose Caplor ?

Social media and communication – one would think that for the past 8-9 million years that human kind has been around that we have not communicated and that in recent years something has been ”discovered” – surely logic...

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PV grows 20% in America

Go America ! In the Uk we have now reached about 2.5 gigawatts of total installed capacity.  In the states, they will build this in just a few months – Come on UK lets show the world what we can do……… Demand for solar...

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A Challenging Adventure

Bridie Stephens, our Property Manager in learning, successfully completed a week of outdoor pursuits at Kilvrough Hill.  The week formed part of a Residential trip organised by Hereford Group Training Association where she is in the process of...

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The popularity of solar in the UK

The popularity of Solar PV has been laid to bare in a recent report conducted by WSP Group  the sustainable consultants. The report, which identifies the number of Solar PV installations per 10,000 households for 380 local authorities in the UK...

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