Onshore Wind Farms Can ‘Reduce Energy Prices’

The British Government is being urged to change its stance over onshore wind farms. Not only will a change help the country reach its climate crisis targets, but it could also reduce energy bills.

A recent estimate by trade body RenewableUK gauged the potential savings onshore wind farms could provide as £50 per year.

The current Government stance is an effective block on the development of onshore wind farms. Now it is believed they could reduce home energy bills as well as aid decarbonisation, many are calling for change.

Investors Join the Call for More Onshore Wind Farms

There are many significant energy investors from around Europe that are also urging the Government to overturn their quasi ban. Their current stance on new onshore wind farms is ‘stifling a flood of investment’ into the UK’s clean energy sector.

As a partner at Glennmont Partners, Peter Dickson helps manage Europe’s largest ever clean energy fund. He is also keen to encourage the Government to change its stance on onshore wind farms. He said they must get serious about meeting the climate crisis target and that: “Policymakers must encourage all forms of renewable power generation.

“This includes revisiting proposals for developing onshore wind in the UK. Investors we speak with are increasingly viewing fossil fuel-based generation plant as stranded assets and are looking for opportunities to divest into new technologies that help to tackle climate change.”

Triple Benefit of Onshore Wind Farms

The Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change, Alan Whitehead, said, “Onshore wind is a win win win. It reduces reliance on imported fuels, reduces energy prices for households and reduces carbon. It is simply economically illiterate not to go for onshore wind in a big way.

“The Government should remove their barriers to onshore wind and engage communities to get it built.”

How the Government’s ‘Ban’ on Onshore Wind Farms Works

Onshore wind farm construction is not actually banned per say. However, current Government policy only allows offshore wind farms to compete for contracts in subsidy auctions. This effectively rules out onshore wind farms as economically viable investments.

There has actually been a significant demand for policy change since January. The wind industry said then that a change would allow the construction of 794 onshore wind farm projects. Altogether, the new wind farms would generate around twelve terawatt hours of energy a year.

Emma Pinchbeck is the Executive Director of RenewableUK and she said, “We have ready-to-go onshore wind that can help close the gap between the low carbon power we need and the amount Government policy is actually delivering.”

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