Number of EV Charging Points Set to Double

Electric car-charging provider Engenie have announced plans to double the number of rapid charging points around the UK. The charging points will be installed in public places such as supermarket car parks and commercial centres.

Any driver of an electric vehicle (EV) can benefit as no membership or fee for the chargers will be required. And with the new chargers capable of ‘rapid charging’ they will be especially convenient to use during shopping trips.

Investment Creates Rapid EV Charging Opportunity

The plan will be funded by a recent windfall of £35 million invested into the company by Cube Infrastructure Managers. The investors manage the Cube Infrastructure Fund II, which is a European infrastructure fund of about £935 million. The £35 million invested in Engenie’s new project make them the UK’s best-funded independent electric vehicle charging network.

Engenie’s plan is to build thousands of ‘open-access, renewable electricity-powered rapid chargers’ over the next few years. Their ultimate ambition is to double the current amount of rapid chargers by 2024, which presently sits at 2,189.

Eventually Engenie believe their complete network of charging points will serve around five million electric vehicles every year. They estimate that this will remove up to 25 tonnes of nitrogen dioxide from the air annually.

Electric Vehicles ‘Marching into the Mainstream’

The Chief Executive Officer of Engenie, Ian Johnston, said of the company’s plans: “The EV market is marching into the mainstream. Private companies are now seizing the EV investment opportunity and nearly 75% of car buyers are considering an EV as their next vehicle. Those organisations offering public car parking can position themselves for the future by providing new value to customers and driving increased footfall by installing rapid chargers.

“The EV tipping point is coming and this significant investment commitment positions us at the forefront of this burgeoning market.”

Smart EV Charging Developments

In other electric vehicle news, smart EV charging can reduce the need for electricity network upgrades without impacting driver habits. A 3-year trial from EV firm DriveElectric has revealed smart charging can manage charging during off-peak periods of electricity demand.

They conducted their Electric Nation research over the last three years by observing the charging behaviours of 700 EV users. They also explored the attitudes of the EV users towards smart charging. The results show that smart charging combined with time-of-use electricity tariffs can help in two ways. First it can help the drivers of EVs save money on their own bills. The second benefit is a significant reduction in the impact of EVs on domestic electricity supplies.

The founder and Managing Director of DriveElectric, Mike Potter, said of the findings: “The Electric Nation project shows that smart charging can help to reduce the load on the grid from EVs at peak times and there has been an overwhelming positive attitude towards smart charging from participants.”

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