The new UK government has been told to make the natural world a main part of their climate change actions. The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) say that inaction by governments will lead to irreversible damage and unprecedented global warming.

The message is included in a new report released by the world’s leading organisation for wildlife conservation and endangered species. The report states that there is an alarming lack of ambition to protect the planet and its ecosystems.

‘Greater Urgency’ Needed on International Climate Obligations

Attendees of the recent COP25 Summit in Madrid were urged to step up their country’s actions on climate change. The WWF wants temperature rises limited to below 1.5 degrees Celsius, as outlined in previously agreed international climate obligations.

The organisation also called for the recently re-elected Prime Minister to show leadership on the world stage regarding environmental issues. They urge the new government to use ‘nature-based solutions’ such as reforestation and peat land restoration. These measures will help increase the role of organic carbon sinks as well as restore eco-systems and habitats.

Even ‘deep cuts’ to fossil fuel emissions around the world will not be enough to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The WWF believe additional nature-based solutions will help mitigate rising temperatures and improve resilience.

Leaders ‘Must Heed Warnings’

The WWF’s Chief Adviser on Climate Change, Stephen Cornelius, said: “One urgent task facing our next Prime Minister is clear: to show leadership to prevent the climate crisis from becoming an irreversible disaster.

“The scientists have done their part. Over the past year, they have amassed findings that clearly demonstrate the need for limiting warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and the irreversible change that will happen without greater ambition to cut emissions from fossil fuels and integrate nature-based solutions.

“Our political, community and business leaders must heed their warnings.”

Climate Overshoot to Increase Coastal Flooding and Human Migration

There has also been a warning regarding the effects of a climate overshoot. This means a period of time where global warming increases past the 1.5 degrees Celsius mark before cooling down again. Most climate models predict such a period of climate overshoot. This means there is already going to be years and perhaps decades of higher global temperatures before they re-stabilise.

The WWF explained the dangers of a climate overshoot: “Long periods of higher global temperatures could result in many different damaging outcomes for a wide variety of ecosystems, including increased coastal flooding and forced human migration, greater devastation and frequency of forest fires, and loss of biodiversity.

“The conversion of new land for agricultural use may put additional stress on animal habitats, and when temperatures level off and cool, we may see animals migrating in search of habitats that no longer exist. Focusing on limiting the end-of-century warming at 1.5 degrees Celsius, rather than what global temperatures may peak at. This puts people and nature at risk.”

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