New Smart Heating Technology to Reduce Bills by 30%

Energy industry regulator Ofgem has approved a trial of new smart heating technology for their energy efficiency programme. This latest energy innovation was developed by new technology product company Vestemi and may reduce heating bills by 30%.

The smart heating control technology trial will occur within a programme designed to boost energy efficiency and tackle fuel poverty.

New Tech Eliminates Unnecessary Heating

Vestemi call their innovative technology the RadBot and describe it as a ‘fit-and-forget’ product. It heats up rooms only when they are occupied and reduces the temperature when they are empty. The company claims that it is this smart method of heating that can reduce heating bills by up to 30%. That could amount to an total annual saving of about £180 for an ordinary semi-detached house using this technology.

The RadBot tech can be used in any home that has radiator-based heating. Vestemi says it doesn’t need people to change their habits or sacrifice their comfort.

The programme containing the RadBot trial is the Energy Company Obligation or ECO3 programme. It is a Government initiative requiring big energy providers to improve the energy efficiency of millions of UK homes. The new version of the ECO programme – the third of its kind – will run until March of 2022.

Technology to Achieve ‘More Affordable’ Heating Bills

The Chief Executive Officer of Vestemi, Jeremy Lock, said of the potential his company’s innovation has for reducing bills: “With over £5 billion wasted on unnecessary heating every year, we created RadBot not only to improve energy efficiency but also to help people achieve more affordable and manageable heating bills.”

EDF Energy’s Steve Newall, who is the ECO Monitoring and Innovation Manager, also spoke effusively about the RadBot technology: “The great thing about RadBot is that it is an easy-to-install, fit-and-forget product. It is a cost-effective solution that helps householders to save energy and reduce their energy bills.

“This is something that is especially important for households that have a low income and a key reason why we are working in partnership with RadBot.”

Other Ways to Save Money on Heating Bills

Even without the smart technology, there is still a lot you can do to reduce heating bills. Turning your thermostat down by just a single degree can knock a significant amount off by itself.

Also try turning down the temperature level of your boiler to save energy and ultimately money off your bill. There shouldn’t be any need to heat hot water higher than 65 degrees Celsius at any point during the year. For combi boilers, simply turn down the hot water temperature dial. A heat-only boiler should also have a hot water cylinder thermostat that you can turn down a notch or two.

Also ensure your central heating is never on its maximum setting apart from during any particularly cold snaps during winter.

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