Here at Caplor Energy, we are launching a new range of products for the equine markets to include:

Solar PV systems that are the right size and weight for stable blocks

Solar thermal systems that are the right size and weight for stable blocks

To demonstrate this range, Caplor has recently installed a hot water system which is used to mix horse feed. Stored in a barn, the heater takes up little space, and also provides water for showers after horse riding. It also provides warm water for washing the horses after riding.

Installed last month, the system has been a soaring success, with all nine horses on the farm being fed using its water.

If you are interested in this range of products, or want to see our water heating system, contact for a brochure or to arrange a visit.

The photographs on this page feature our resident Jess Allen, and her beautiful horse Merlin who regularly eats feed mixed using our solar hot water system.

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