New Fund Available for Recycling Small Waste Electricals

A £3.5 million fund has been launched for the reuse and collection of small waste electrical equipment across the UK. It is being offered by the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Fund.

The WEEE Fund is currently inviting applications from waste collection authorities and reuse organisations for the funding. The first round’s closing date for applications is 18th October of this year.

How the Recycling and Reuse Fund Works

The fund is intended to make it easier for people to reuse small electrical equipment. Another issue they hope to solve is the incorrect recycling of such items, which can be dangerous.

Up to £3 million has been assigned to the task of small electrical waste kerbside collection. The money should cover this activity for the next three years. A further half million has been allocated for reuse collections that will include household, kerbside or donation pick-ups.

A Four-Pronged Approach to Reducing Waste

The WEEE Fund organisers say they are taking a ‘test and learn’ approach to projects such as these. They are investing in this one in order to discover the best way of increasing recycling of small electrical items.

The Fund Manager for WEEE, Scott Butler, enthused about his organisation’s work saying, “We are working with a range of key partners including local authorities, business and community groups to deliver projects to encourage recycling and re-use of small waste electricals. Our four-pronged approach to increasing recycling includes: increased collection methods, reuse investment grants and communications and behaviour change.

“Our new kerbside and reuse collection and investments fund will open up more and easier ways for people to recycle their small electrical household waste.”

The WEEE Fund

So far well over £10 million of funding has been made available by WEEE. The money was collected through the 2017 and 2018 WEEE Compliance Fee mechanism and supports multiple environmental projects. ​

The compliance fee is a regulatory tool open to the Government to support the delivery of the WEEE’s regulations. If a Producer Compliance Scheme (a funded project) fails then they can pay the compliance fee for the tonnage shortfall. The law requires that the compliance fee is set at a level that encourages compliance through collection of waste items. It is also intended to enhance national targets by creating an additional financial incentive to collect small electrical waste items.

The funding can be spent on various WEEE-related activities. These include technical research, communications, behaviour change activities and other local projects.

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