Congratulations you have chosen a home which will provide you with low carbon and low running costs. If you are moving into a house that has solar panels installed, then it is important to understand what to do to ensure they continue operating at maximum efficiency to provide your new home with all the energy it needs. Here’s a quick checklist:

Understand How the Feed-In Tariff Works

The Feed-In Tariff is a Government guaranteed scheme which rewards owners of systems by paying them for every unit of solar power they produce. Payments are also made when power is sold back into the grid. Together these payments can amount to hundreds of pounds each year for a typical domestic property.

To receive the Feed in Tariff from the previous owner, a transfer of ownership form needs to be signed which assigns the FiT contract to you, as the new owner. The previous owner will need to sign the form, so it will be important that you retain their details. Once the transfer is approved, all you need to do is send your electricity provider readings from the generation meter once a quarter.

The generation meter should be clearly labelled and within reach.

Acquire Warranty and Log-In Details for Monitoring Portal

It is important to check that the paperwork given to you includes the warranty information for all the different parts of the solar panel installation, in case anything needs repairing in the future. If the seller does not provide you with this information during the purchasing process, then again contact the original installer who should be able to inform you of the warranty dates for the different parts of the system.

Many solar panel installations come equipped with monitoring technology, so acquiring the log-in details is important. However, if the previous owner doesn’t provide the details, then you can get them from the company that installed the solar panels originally or the manufacturer of the equipment.

Maintenance of the Solar Panels

Keeping the solar panels operating as efficiently as possible is how you maximise the savings they can provide. A check on the general state of the solar panel system should happen as quickly as possible after or even before you move in – we recommend using an MCS-accredited installer with a good reputation.

To find out how you can make the most of your solar system please read our top tips here:

If you are interested in installing solar panels at your home or business or require experts to run a check on existing solar panel system, email Caplor Energy or call 01432 860644. Caplor are award-winning experts in the design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.



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