A series of major firms and corporations have been committing to cutting emissions from their buildings to net zero. Perhaps the most prominent of the 45 organisations to make the commitment are investment bankers Goldman Sachs.

Other prominent signees include US-based Hudson Pacific Properties and Brazilian engineering and green construction consulting firm, Petinelli.

The agreement they have signed-up to is the World Green Building Council’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. Signees includes the likes of developers, real estate investment and property funds, manufacturers and global design firms. They come from 28 different cities including New York, Tokyo and London.

The commitment is a pledge to take urgent action ensuring their building portfolios operate at net zero carbon by 2030.

Energy Efficiency to be Central Part of Pledge

Energy efficiency will play a vital role in helping the various organisations achieve total decarbonisation across their building portfolios. Generating their own clean energy and procuring renewable energy will also be big factors.

It has been calculated that 40% of energy-related greenhouse gases are emitted from buildings. Around 28% of that figure comes directly from the operations within the buildings themselves.

Investment management firm Lendlease Funds Management Australia has committed four of its property investment fund entities to the pledge. These entities include Lendlease Australia Prime Property Fund Commercial and their Lendlease International Towers Sydney Trust. The other committed entities are Lendlease Australia Prime Property Fund Industrial and Lendlease One International Towers Sydney Trust. These four investment funds represent around £9.6 billion in assets

Lendlease have targeted net zero carbon via their building operations by 2025. They even believe they can achieve some of the target as soon as 2021. They will achieve this through investments in energy efficiency as well as through renewable and low carbon energy systems.

‘Bold Climate Leadership’ Welcome

The Chief Executive Officer of the World Green Building Council (WorldGBC), Cristina Gamboa, said: “We welcome the bold climate leadership from the latest signatories to WorldGBC’s Net Zero Carbon Buildings Commitment. Their pledges to fully eliminate carbon emissions from their buildings demonstrate private sector readiness to respond to the climate crisis.

“The next decade is crucial to realise the ambition of the Paris Agreement so now is the time to act.”

Goldman Sachs ‘Excited to Join Initiative’

Goldman Sachs plan to certify 70% of their building footprint through LEED certification or an equivalent while reducing energy consumption. This will allow them to eventually maintain carbon neutrality across its operations.

The Global Head of Corporate Services and Real Estate for Goldman Sachs, Dino Fusco, said: “We recognise that reducing our energy consumption and operating our offices at net zero carbon emissions globally is a critical component of transitioning to a low carbon economy. We are excited to join this initiative with other industry leaders to help scale this effort globally.

“In addition, we are pleased to also join The Climate Group’s global EV100 initiative to help further the electrification of the grid.”

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