Low Carbon Homes Development in Bristol

The Bristol City Council have given the go ahead for the construction of some new low carbon modular homes. The new housing will be exceptionally energy efficient and benefit from ‘super insulation’. The windows will be triple glazed. Each of the houses will include special heat recovery ventilation technology.

Lower Energy Demands and Lower Running Costs

A total of these eleven affordable low carbon homes have been granted planning permission in the city. They will be built by ZEDpods. ZEDpods specialise in the  manufacture of quickly built modular homes. The company claims each home will benefit from ‘very high energy efficiency’. They also say the homes will be ‘super insulated’ to reduce energy demand and running costs.

The project includes nine single bedroom ‘pods’ and two with two bedrooms. They will be positioned to the north of the Chalks Road car park. This location is to the west of St. George Park in the north-eastern area of Bristol city.

Additional energy-saving and costs-reducing technology may include solar panels and charging points for electric cars.

Bristol Housing Festival Projects

The low carbon homes trial is a part of the Bristol Housing Festival which is a multi-pronged five-year project. The ambitious project hopes to facilitate new communities being built and hold exhibitions showcasing new and existing innovations. They also intend to evaluate all the workable ideas and suggestions to figure out what really works and what doesn’t. To test such housing innovations in real life scenarios is the ultimate ambition of the festival.

They also hope to keep the conversation going across the city to find out what works for people in Bristol. The project organisers believe the festival could inspire real and lasting positive change.

The new ZEDpods are expected to be occupied by younger people currently in temporary accommodation and at risk of homelessness.

ZEDpods a ‘New Possibility’ to Solve Housing Crisis

The Operations Director of ZEDpods, Dr. Rehan Khodabuccus, said:

“The ZEDpods development rethinks existing land use, demonstrating a new possibility in helping solve the housing crisis, whilst at the same time providing beautiful, low carbon housing that lasts.

“Our focus on a 100% sustainable end-of-life construction solution involves an integrated roof mounted solar array, a super insulated building envelope with triple glazed windows, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery coupled with a design that gives exceptional levels of day lighting resulting in extremely low running costs.”

Elsewhere around the country, the Government is introducing a new Energy Company Obligation initiative. The scheme means only trusted tradesmen can carry out home energy improvements for families supported by the initiative.

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