Here at Caplor we are always interested in the economies of scale for large or small businesses considering renewable energy investment …

At a global level, a recent example is the investment by Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailer (now part of the Ingka Group).  It is huge.  Ikea has 422 stores covering 6 continents of which 21 stores are in the UK.  There are now over 920,000 solar modules on its sites, 534 wind turbines in 14 countries and  700,000 solar panels under construction in the United States alone.  Its’  investment in renewable energy is in excess of €2.5 billion euros during the last decade.

Ikea set a target to produce ‘as much energy as it consumes’ by 2020.  It is set to exceed its target and indeed meet its target by the end of this year.

Jesper Brodin (CEO Ingka Group) has recently said “.. being climate smart is not an added cost.  It’s actually smart business and what the business model of the future will look like .. everything around fossil fuels and daft use of resources will be expensive.”

At a more local level, Aztec Label in Worcestershire is a business producing self-adhesive labels and tag products of varying descriptions, from food labeling and packaging to courier systems and medical labels.  It has been trading for 26 years with a current annual turnover of £3m.

The decision to invest in a 99kwh Solar PV system made up of 360 panels three months ago was based around two main factors – Aztec Label corporate ethos and the potential marketing advantages of promoting green technology within their industry.  Of course the investment had to stand up too.  Aztec Label already has  a “zero to landfill” company policy with their waste management system.  Aztec Label is clearly a reputable industry leader for business labels.  The Solar PV investment Aztec Label  made contributes positively towards their industry reputation and differentiates Aztec Label’s business from any of its competitors.

Significantly the energy bills for Aztec Label have reduced by around 70% as well.  With capital investment being paid back in 4 – 5 years, and the help of a 45% grant towards the cost, along with a lifetime of at least 20 years or more for the panels, Aztec Label are already looking at an excellent economic investment before they even start to consider the commercial impact of the sustainability message – as a marketing tool, the additional business generated could be huge.

Aztec Label’s next renewable energy phase is to set up a battery system that can store and utilize all the energy generated from their Solar PV system.

Colin Le Gresley owner of Aztec Label says  “I see this investment (Solar PV)  as a virtual ‘salesperson’, it is more cost effective and guaranteed to provide a long term return. But it’s not just about the savings to be made either, it’s equally about being self-reliant and independent.

Local or global, the economic benefits of Solar PV for businesses going forwards is renewable energies.  There are long term questions about the availability of traditional power, businesses can eliminate that issue and ensure continued supply from their own renewable energy.

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