It’s not as hard as you may have originally thought to contribute towards reducing climate change and make changes that can reduce your impact on the environment. Making the right decisions can actually be good for business.

Here are 5 steps you can take right now.

Measure your carbon footprint

Measuring a company’s carbon footprint is a useful first step, with organisations such as the Carbon Trust helping companies to become carbon-neutral.

Switch fleets to electric

Transport accounts for 26pc of Britain’s greenhouse gas emissions. Companies are switching fleets to electric or hybrid vehicles.

Commit to 100pc renewable electricity

Businesses consume 56pc of Britain’s electricity. Companies such as Apple have committed to using 100pc renewable electricity.

Help customers reduce their environmental impact

Companies such as Patagonia encourage reuse and repair of their goods in an effort to help consumers limit their environmental impact.

Audit the supply chain

On average, emissions from a company’s supply chain are 5.5 times higher than emissions by the company itself, according to the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Global Supply Chain Report 2019.

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