Caplor is pleased to be welcoming Fiona Speak to their offices for a 4-week graduate placement funded by the Warwick IN-Place Scheme. Fiona will be researching the finance options available for small-scale renewable systems and how these may be useful to Caplor’s clients. This research will be written up in a report at the end of the placement.

Other projects Fiona will be working on include a presentation on the effects of Global Warming and Climate Change and how a company such as Caplor can contribute to a more sustainable and green future.

Fiona has just graduated from the University of Warwick with a degree in Physics. She is looking forward to using the knowledge and many skills gained at University to help Caplor Energy at this exciting time. She lives in Dursley in Gloucestershire and in her spare time enjoys playing tennis and badminton and playing the oboe.

A few words from Fiona:

“When I heard about this exciting opportunity to work for an expanding company like Caplor I was very keen to get involved. Having just spent 3 years studying Physics, learning the concepts behind power generation, to see how it can relate at a business level is very interesting. I am excited by the prospect of not just “shadowing” people but having my own projects to work on and this has made me feel a valued member of the team already!

I am very passionate about the fact that climate change can be slowed if we start acting at local levels to implement change and as shown by the many ‘green’ awards, Caplor is certainly leading the way. I am looking forward to doing some challenging research into an area that I have not looked into before that will be of real use to Caplor. The global warming presentation will be an exciting opportunity to improve my communication skills and will allow me to spread the message of sustainability to the local community.  I hope my time at Caplor will give me valuable experience of working in the ‘real world’ and will help for any future employment I have in the energy sector.”

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