Energy UK Says UK Must Change How Energy is Used

The trade association Energy UK has declared that there is a ‘vital need’ to change the way we use energy. They say this includes the way energy is generated, transported and stored.

Energy UK’s latest report insists that the entire sector must be transformed to deliver better results for customers. According to the report, this can be achieved through the use of next-generation technologies.

Government Must Set Clear Targets

The report states that the Government should set clear targets and requirements for domestic energy efficiency and low carbon heating. Such clarity will help drive the country’s transition towards a low carbon economy.

Energy UK also call for certain regulations governing energy suppliers to be changed. The aim of the changes would be to increase competition and improve the available options for customers.  This would be achieved by promoting more customised energy supply services, though maintaining consumer protections remains a priority.

Other solutions proposed by the report include more low carbon heating solutions tailored to community and business needs. Smart charging must also be made the default option for drivers of electric vehicles. This will help decrease demand on the grid and keep the cost of bills to a minimum.

Equal Footing for Low Carbon Technologies

Energy UK believe an equal footing for all low carbon technologies will help keep costs down for all energy customers. They call for a stable policy framework which will provide investors with the confidence to inject the necessary funding.

The CEO of Energy UK is Lawrence Slade and he said of the need for these changes that,

“Our sector is already undergoing a transformation and as it continues, it will present huge opportunities and challenges, as outlined in this report. Get these right and we can deliver enormous benefits to customers, the environment and the economy.

“But as recent protests – along with warnings from expert bodies – have highlighted, urgent action is required if we are to continue meeting our climate change commitments.”

What Energy UK Membership Means

Energy UK are the trade association for the UK’s energy industry. They have over a hundred energy suppliers and energy generators in their membership scheme. They are also a trade association for stakeholders with business interests in the production and supply of gas and electricity.

Their membership covers over 90% of both power generated in the UK as well as the energy supply market. Members include established FTSE 100 companies alongside smaller and newer energy suppliers. Members generate and supply all kinds of energy including from renewable energy sources as well as nuclear, gas and coal.

As well as supplying all the businesses in Britain, Energy UK members supply over 27 million British homes.

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