The Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has published its latest report, Energy prices and bills – impacts of meeting carbon budgets. The CCC finds that policies to support cleaner low-carbon electricity made up just £45 of energy bills in 2013. As a result, emission reductions have been achieved equivalent to the annual emissions of 10 million cars.

Out of a typical energy bill costing £1140 in 2013, householders paid around £55 per year to support energy efficiency schemes and £45 per year to support low-carbon electricity.  To give future generations, just that A FUTURE, surely this is a very low price to pay.  But forgetting Climate – these investments now will lower the cost of energy bills for years to come as Homes, Business and Communities all benefit from lower bills through needing less power and generating their own.  These measures reduce import needs, give cleaner and safer environment, create jobs and all for much less than is spent supporting fossil fuels.  Dirty and aging fossil fuel support is thought to cost the world up to $1.9 trillion per year !!

The report considers the impact of meeting carbon budgets on household, commercial and industrial sector energy bills, and concludes that opportunities to improve energy efficiency could offset all of the impact on household bills to 2030 and at least part of the impact on commercial and industrial firms.


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