You have probably heard the radio and seen the press in the last couple of days – Starting with SSE energy prises have risen sharply again and although only a small portion of the entire energy cost once again ”they” try and blame the renewable sector – great that David Cameron shot back with this comment. 

I think the total current cost of energy support payments and renewables is £120 ish on something in the order of £1300 plus bills.  So just this one single rise of 8.2% for the average home is a bill increase of £104 which is approaching that total cost of all the renewable and household support introduced to date ! – How can they thus try and peddle such nonsense so repeatedly ?

Dam energy companies, their nonsense rhetoric !!

David Cameron has defended “necessary” green subsidies on energy bills to fund renewable and nuclear power after large energy supplier SSE partly blamed government-imposed levies for forcing it to raise gas and electricity by 8.2 per cent.

The prime minister said the best way of reducing energy bills is tackling the root causes of high wholesale gas prices, including improving competition between energy companies and pushing ahead with fracking.

Not thinking it possible to add to the ”wise words” of our PM I would also add that perhaps the best way to reduce energy bills is to 1) reduce consumption 2) produce your own 3) shop around for good deals of sustainable supply sources and nationally for our govt to support investment around these points not the outdated and polluting fossil fuel industry.

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