A new report says a lack of supply has become the biggest barrier to corporate electric vehicle adoption. The study revealed a massive year-on-year increase in the number of firms citing the issue as the main problem.

The report was published by the Climate Group who are monitoring the progress of their EV100 initiative. The initiative aims to accelerate corporate take-up of electric vehicles.

The percentage of EV100 members citing the lack of available vehicles jumped from 44% in 2018 to 79% in 2019.

Manufacturers Must ‘Seize Market Opportunities’

The Climate Group says car manufacturers must take action to “seize the market opportunities” for supply to match the demand. This issue is becoming more prominent as more businesses join the EV100 initiative. They also warn that if supply doesn’t meet demand soon, then the car manufacturers could face much harsher regulations.

The Chief Executive Officer of The Climate Group, Helen Clarkson, said: “For years automakers have raised the lack of demand as a problem for moving faster on electric vehicles. Our report shows that big business demand for electric vehicles is increasing but is still not being met by manufacturers.

“If automakers want to stay competitive, they need to shift to a higher gear on producing electric vehicles, or risk losing their largest customers.”

EV100 Initiative

The mission statement of the EV initiative states that it is intended to: “Accelerate the transition to electro-mobility by leveraging the role corporate demand can play in driving EV uptake and roll-out of charging infrastructure.”

Companies joining the EV100 are asked to make an individual commitment to transitioning their fleets to electric vehicles. Alternatively they can aim to install charging infrastructure at their relevant premises by 2030.

There are four influence areas where companies can choose to make their commitment. These include their directly controlled fleets either owned or leased, via their service provider contracts, plus workplace or customer charging. The EV100 members can commit to any number of the options.

The first members joined the initiative in September 2017 and there are currently 61 members including 59 companies. The members firms are supported by regular webinars and other peer learning opportunities. These services share knowledge and help each company to achieve their targets.

The Climate Group hope to use the example of participating companies to demonstrate the growing business case for electro-mobility & they aim to influence the likes of stakeholders, other businesses and policy makers, as well as the general public.

UK companies and organisations signed up to the initiative include Heathrow Airport, BT Group, Centrica, , RBS, Apcoa Parking Group and Astra Zeneca.

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