Environmental law firm ClientEarth commissioned a poll conducted by Opinium that demonstrates people across the UK are demanding greater action to address the climate crisis.  The poll of 2000 people was carried out in September at a time when millions of people took to the streets to show their protests.

The environment was ranked as the third most pressing issue facing the nation, after Brexit and health but ahead of the economy, crime and immigration.

  • Almost 70% of people agreed that the climate emergency was the biggest issue facing humankind, with only 7% disagreeing.
  • 54% of those polled said climate change would affect how they would vote, with the proportion rising to 74% for under-25s.
  • 81% of people support planting more trees, 63% want a Green New Deal – a large-scale, long-term investment in green infrastructure and jobs – and more than 50% said it was important to ban fracking.
  • 60% of people think banks and financial institutions should ditch coal, oil and gas investments – see fossil fuel divestment

Jonathan Church from ClientEarth said “Importantly these demands appear strong enough to make a difference at the next election”.

The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, earlier this month has said  “I want us to become the cleanest, greenest society on earth, and inspire countries around the world to follow our lead so that our children can breathe clean air and benefit from the wonderful flora and fauna of this earth”.

The Friends of the Earth Chief Executive, Craig Bennett, said “The prime minister’s pledge to make the UK a global leader on the climate crisis will only be realised if slashing climate-wrecking emissions is at the very heart of every government policy.

“This means scrapping plans for a third runway at Heathrow, halting the multibillion-pound road-building programme and abandoning support for fossil fuel development at home and abroad.”

The Opinium poll found 58% of people believed the government has done too little to prepare for such impacts such as heat-waves, flash flooding and other effects of the climate crisis.

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