In the quest to reach net zero emissions by 2050, Caplor is pleased to see the latest Government consultation report on the Future Homes Standard.   The report is particularly looking at the options for uplifting energy efficiency standards in new build homes –

For the last 10 years, Caplor have been installing Solar PV on homes across the country.  Caplor has seen both the costs of  installations reduce and the performance levels rise during this time.  Solar PV is one of the key methods for everyone to contribute towards the UK net zero emissions goal, whilst also saving on energy costs for each of us – homeowners as well as businesses.

It is good to see the Government addressing policy changes that will make it easier for everyone to engage with renewable energy solutions in their homes and embrace the alternative energy sources into their daily life. It is a globally accepted social responsibility now to help reduce global emissions, and the changes this will bring can create significant benefits for everyone.

Caplor are also experiencing a big growth in the demand for heat pumps – air source and ground source – as a viable renewable alternative to traditional oil or gas boilers. There are huge efficiency gains to be had from heat pumps, they convert energy from the air outside your home  or from the ground into heat and hot water for your home all year round.  This technology is also largely driven by legislation and policy on fuel emissions, it continues to be supported by Government grants such as the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and there is now the expected requirement for all new build homes to become gas free by 2025.

The UK’s energy developments are also fully supported by the Solar Trade Association who are paving the way for solar to deliver the maximum possible share of UK energy by 2030 (


If you want to learn more about how your home or business can benefit from renewable energy technology, email or call 01432 860644 to speak to award-winning experts in the design, installation and maintenance of renewable energy systems.


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