British People Want Solar Panels

A recent survey has revealed that a majority of Britons would ideally like to install solar panels and employ other home energy storage schemes. While 60% of those surveyed said they would install an energy storage device at home if there was more Government assistance available. That number rose to 62% when it came to specifically installing solar panels.

Unfortunately, it is the very lack of Government assistance that seems to have held many people back from actually installing the clean energy technology.

British Public Wants ‘Urgent Action’

The survey was conducted by YouGov on behalf of Client Earth and their Chief Executive James Thornton said of the survey’s findings:

“These results make it clear that the British public want action on climate change, and urgently. The Government can take the lead on climate change quickly by cutting off the hundreds of millions of pounds in annual subsidies to fossil fuel power stations and other schemes that are giving carbon-intensive power generation an unfair advantage over renewables.”

The survey also showed the majority of the British public supported holding fossil fuel companies as well as the Government accountable for the negative effects of climate change.

Experts Criticise Government for Subsidy Cuts

Speaking to The Independent newspaper, the founding director of the UK’s largest solar company, Solar Century, Jeremy Leggett, said of the increasing popularity of solar panels:

“Maybe fears about climate change are growing, justifiably, with the [recent summer] heat wave, but solar has been the single most popular energy technology in government surveys of consumer attitudes for a good few years now.”

Mr Leggett, also the author of a book titled: ‘The Winning of The Carbon War’ about the power and politics behind clean energy and climate change, also weighed in with criticism for the Government’s cutting of subsidies for green energy technology. He said:

“The key issue here is that the Government is missing a huge opportunity, as things stand, to build a strong domestic solar industry ready for the day, coming soon, when solar is cheaper than any other form of energy, even in cloudy Britain.

Mr Leggett also believes that the Government are ‘backing the wrong horses’ when it comes to their support for nuclear power and shale gas.

“They should at least take out a hedged bet on solar, and keep an export tariff for solar generation,” he added.

Government Urged to Create Positive Policies

With the world on the whole undergoing an energy transformation away from mass reliance on fossil fuels such as coal and gas, more people in the renewable energy industry are urging the Government to prepare for a cleaner and greener future. With policies and funding that promote the development of renewable energy technology. The calls for a shift in the Government’s current attitude are only going to get louder.

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