Biomass Boilers Boosted by Government’s Clean Air Strategy

The Government has announced a new plan to reduce the country’s air pollution.  Part of the plan involves only allowing the cleanest wood-burning stoves to be available for sale from 2022 onwards.

Air pollution is a major threat to public health. It has also been estimated that the health problems could cost nearly £19 billion by 2035.

Household fuels that pollute the atmosphere could be banned under the new Clean Air Strategy plan for 2019. The plan also calls for farmers to reduce their use of fertilisers. They will also be required to reduce ammonia emissions from chemicals used around the farms.

UK Air Pollution is ‘Shortening Lives’

The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, spoke of Britain’s need to use the Clean Air Strategy plan to improve air quality. Mr Gove said,

“The evidence is clear. While air quality has improved significantly in recent years, air pollution continues to shorten lives, harm our children and reduce quality of life.”

Mr Gove also stated that that pollution from the exhaust fumes of road vehicles was a part of the problem. However, he also said that was not the only contributing factor to air pollution.

“While air pollution may conjure images of traffic jams and exhaust fumes,” the Environment Secretary continued, “transport is only one part of the story.” He also explained that the new strategy intended to set out the important role everyone in the country can play. With everyone doing their part, emissions can be reduced, and the air cleaned up to protect the entire population’s health.

Britain to Increase Environmental Standards After Brexit?

A spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs spoke to the Guardian newspaper regarding Britain’s environmental standards. They said that the UK will not weaken their environmental protection when Brexit is finalised and Britain leaves the EU. They also believed that the country will not only maintain the high environmental standards but even increase them.

The spokesperson said, “Our clean air strategy shows how we will go further and faster than the EU in reducing human exposure to particulate-matter pollution. This will be underpinned by new England-wide powers to control major sources of air pollution, plus new local powers to take action in areas with an air pollution problem.”

Particulate-matter pollution has been a target of clean air campaigners for a long time. They have identified traffic pollution as the key source of the worst type of particle matter. These are the particles that find their way into the deep recesses of our lungs. These particles are considered some of the worst elements of pollution. Others include nitrogen oxides and other gases that irritate the throat, lungs and breathing passages.

Biomass Boilers to Benefit from New Clean Air Plan

The new plan will see sales of traditional household coal and wet wood phased out. Only the cleanest wood-burning stoves will be available for sale from 2022 onwards. This is good news for sellers of biomass boilers. Their CO2 emissions from burning wood pellets equates to the same amount absorbed when the plant was growing.

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