A new government-backed survey reveals 73 per cent of the British public want to see a global deal on climate change agreed in Paris next year.

Just 20% of respondents think that taking action on climate change can wait a few years, while a majority demand urgent action.

Energy and Climate Change Secretary Ed Davey said the poll highlights a “groundswell of people” who want to see action at home and abroad to reduce carbon emissions.

“The science is clear,” he said. “Climate change poses great risks to health, global food security and economic development – and unchecked will change every part of our lives. Without urgent action nowhere on earth will be left untouched.

“We are at a global turning point – never before have so many countries made clear their determination to act to tackle climate change.”

Thankfully it is now only one third of respondents who fail to see the economic benefits of action and they believe reducing carbon emissions will negatively impact on economic growth.



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