Some brilliant and simple stats on how – ”Good business” is indeed ”Good for business” 

Greendale-280x203The Economics of Climate Change Policy in the UK – a report from Cambridge Econometrics in collaboration with Pr Paul Ekins of University College London –

Found that reducing the UK’s carbon emissions by around 60% by 2030 (as recommended by the Committee on Climate Change) would:

  • increase UK GDP by 1.1% in net terms
  • result in at least 190,000 additional jobs being created across the UK economy
  • Increase average annual household incomes by £565
  • Increase the Government’s revenues by £5.7bn per year
  • Reduce imports of oil and gas by £8.5bn per year, thereby improving the UK’s energy security

Now why is that not excellent news whatever shade of politician you are ??


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