UK renewable record

On two occasions so far this June, renewable energy technologies have accounted for around half or more of Britain’s electricity needs. At the same time, grid carbon emissions have fallen below 100g per kilowatt-hour, meeting the target set by the Committee on Climate Change for 2030. Around lunchtime on Wednesday 7 June, Britain’s electricity grid was running at a […]

Over 1,400 U.S. Cities, States and Businesses Vow to Meet Paris Climate Commitments

As soon as Trump announced he was abandoning the Paris climate agreement, mayors and governors started stepping up. Trump may be out, but America isn’t, they say. Over 1,400 U.S. Cities, States and Businesses Vow to Meet Paris Climate Commitments | InsideClimate News .fluid-width-video-wrapper{width:100%;position:relative;padding:0;}.fluid-width-video-wrapper iframe,.fluid-width-video-wrapper object,.fluid-width-video-wrapper embed {position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;} President Donald Trump may be yanking the […]

We’re recruiting!

Caplor Energy is looking to recruit passionate self-starters to expand our experienced Sales Team. We need individuals who are committed to promoting renewable energy to commercial and community organisations while upholding our values of Inspired, Sustainable, Improvement. Individuals from Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, and Shropshire are especially encouraged, but applicants from all over the country are welcomed. […]

Obama condemns Trump for ‘rejecting the future’ by exiting Paris deal

Barack Obama led condemnation of his successor’s decision to withdraw from the landmark Paris climate accord, which the former president’s administration painstakingly negotiated over the course of several years. In a statement released just before Donald Trump officially announced that the US would remove itself from the deal, Obama said the administration had joined “a […]

Swiss voters embrace shift to renewable energy

Voters in Switzerland have backed their government’s plan to ban new nuclear plants and provide billions of dollars in subsidies for renewable energy in a binding referendum. They also plan to close existing plants after they have been in use for a maximum of 45 years. Switzerland relies heavily on hydroelectric power generation, but nuclear […]

Case study: Wye Valley Metal enjoys reduced energy costs through Caplor Energy’s solar systems

Wye Valley Metal, Herefordshire’s leading recycling business, is benefiting from reduced energy costs and generating an on-going revenue, from the instalment of a third solar system from Caplor Energy. Mr David, a successful entrepreneur and a Director of Wye Valley Metal, recognises the financial and environmental sense of investing in renewable forms of energy. Wye […]

Testimonial: Mr Martin

Don’t take our word for it, check out the following customer testimonial for concrete proof of our high-quality, professional and friendly approach to the purchase and installation of renewable energy products, designed to save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. No fuss, no hard sell! “Having had solar panels on our last house we […]