Voltage optimisation reduces the supply voltage applied to a single piece of equipment or machinery, a specific area within a building or an entire building. If the reduction in supply voltage is carefully matched to the needs of the connected electrical equipment it is possible to make a substantial energy saving and extend the life expectancy of the connected equipment.

The benefits

  • Available for commercial and domestic properties

  • Reduces your electricity consumption by up to 19%

  • Saves you money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Reduces your carbon footprint

  • Increases the life of electrical appliances

  • Works in conjunction with renewable generation

  • No maintenance

  • Immediate savings

Why can the voltage be reduced?

The electrical supply voltage in the UK is much higher than in Europe: 235-245v in the UK, compared with 220-230v across Europe.

However all electrical equipment designed for use in Europe and the UK must be capable of operating throughout the entire voltage range to comply with CE regulations. A large proportion of this equipment consumes more energy the higher the supply voltage applied to it. Therefore, it makes sense to reduce the supply voltage to those found across Europe, in order to make substantial energy savings.

Why isn’t electricity supplied at the lower voltages if it saves electricity?

Unfortunately, in the UK the electrical supply infrastructure has been historically designed to work at 240v. This reduces transmission losses and helps maintain the supply voltage for all consumers over large distances and during periods of heavy demand. Therefore the electrical supply companies have no alternative but to generate at the top end of the legal voltage range agreed for all European countries. The average voltage experienced by UK customers is 242v and this can be overcome by installing a voltage optimiser.

The voltage scale below shows the relationship between energy consumption and equipment life along with the savings potential of voltage optimisation.


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