Thousands of businesses in the UK and all over the world are making the switch to LED lighting. Why? Because LED is vastly more energy efficient than other lighting types, helping to save organisations money while also reducing their carbon footprint.

What is LED Lighting?

Light-emitting diode (LED) lights are quite different to ordinary incandescent lightbulbs. They don’t contain filaments for a start, instead containing an electrical circuit. It is partly due to this change in design that LED lighting has proven to be far more energy efficient than other types of lighting. On average, an LED bulb:

  • Uses around 90% less energy

Why are they so energy efficient?

>As well as lasting much longer – which also makes them more cost-efficient for homes and businesses – they do not lose their energy through heat. This is what happens with incandescent and other bulbs, which is why they are so inefficient.

Best of all, LED lights have a typical lifespan of around 10-20 years, which means not having to change a single lightbulb for over a decade. This is just one of the ways that LEDs are making life easier for business owners.

Eco-friendly, cost-effective and recyclable

LED lighting offers many benefits to businesses, and to the environment. For example, LED lights are:

  • Mercury-free, which means that they are environmentally sound and their components can be easily recycled
  • Compatible with PIR sensors commonly used in energy-conscious workplaces, so they can provide instant light and work well with control systems

Can you afford not to upgrade to LED?

LED lighting has advanced so much in recent years that it is now one of the very best choices in terms of environmental impact, cost and efficiency. It also scores very highly on quality of lighting, and integrates well with other systems. With all of these fantastic benefits, why wouldn’t you upgrade your lighting to LED?

With operating costs spiralling, and customers feeling increasingly concerned about the eco credentials of the companies they use, business owners can no longer afford not to give LED some serious consideration.

You will have to invest to upgrade your technology, but LED offers an appealingly short payback period – you could see your money back in energy savings in as little as 2-4 years. Considering how much you can save and the potential boost to your company’s green image, it makes sound business sense to make the switch.

Not yet convinced that LED is worth it?

Get in touch with our team here at Caplor Energy for expert advice from renewable energy specialists and to arrange your free survey. We can spell out the cost savings and show you just how much a lighting upgrade could save your business year-on-year. You may be pleasantly surprised at what we have to tell you.

Make the switch today with Caplor Energy and Optimise Energy

Caplor Energy has teamed up with energy saving solutions specialist Optimise Energy to offer the very best LED lighting solutions and products on the market.

Drawing on both of our vast pools of expertise, we can offer a full implementation service from the initial survey right through to installation. Every part of the service is tailored to your needs, so why not get in touch and tell us what you need? Call 01432 860644 or fill in our Quick Quote form and we’ll get right back to you.


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