An energy storage system will save your excess renewable energy in a battery instead of feeding it back to the grid. This means you are able to use your renewable energy as and when you need it, and not only when it is being generated, therefore, maximising the self-consumption of your solar PV system.

There are a range of battery types and sizes available, and the technology is advancing rapidly. Caplor Energy is able to design and install energy storage systems using lithium, lead acid or aqueous hybrid ion (salt water) batteries.

  • Use more of your generated energy

  • Can be designed to provide backup power in the event of a power cut

  • Be less reliant on the your electricity supplier

  • Avoid energy inflation and price hikes

  • Decrease your energy bills

  • Further reduce your carbon footprint

Caplor Energy currently offers energy storage system from £2700 ex VAT. The system works by instantaneously capturing and releasing electrical energy stored in the integrated battery pack. The capture and release system reacts to the building’s demand profile during the day or night. Energy release occurs quickly, and at an industry leading efficiency rate, helping to increase self consumption and reduce energy bills.

For further information the Sundial brochure and introductory video provide an overview of how the system works. Our solar experts are also on hand to answer any queries you may have.

We have installed a salt water battery at our site in Herefordshire which is designed to capture energy generated by our 137kW solar array for use during the evenings – we welcome you to visit us so we can talk you through how the system works.


We are accredited with a number of codes, practises and are also partnered with reputable companies within the renewable energy sector
Fronius Service Partner
Tesla Powerwall
Solar Edge
Chamber Business Awards
Renewable Energy Consumer Code
Solar Trade Association
Farmers Weekly
Advance Solar Installer

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