Energy monitors have easy-to-read displays which allow you to track how much energy your solar system is producing, how much money you are saving and how much energy you are consuming.

Caplor Energy can advise on the monitor which best suits your circumstance – we can supply display boards for reception areas, desk top displays for your home or an app for your Apple Watch! If you do not have the time to keep an eye on your system then we can do that too!


Solar Log is an established, global leader in the inverter monitoring market. Caplor Energy choose Solar Log after a review of the range of monitoring products available. We were impressed by the usability of the monitoring portal and the low annual costs.

Monitor essential information to ensure your panels are always operating as efficiently as possible, allowing you to generate more energy and save more carbon.

Solar-Log PV monitors will help keep an eye on:

  • Solar generation.

  • Event log (error / status messages from the inverters).

  • Performance comparison of the individual inverters and strings.

  • Data and fault messages via e-mail.

  • And much, much more.

Research suggests that solar systems which are monitored and regularly maintained on average perform 10-30% better than those which do not benefit from this attention.

Caplor Energy currently monitors just over 2.5MW of solar systems using Solar-Logs which provides yield data, fault alarms and diagnostic advice.  The monitor can even link to your website or a smart TV to show off your great investment!

Geo Monitor

The Solo II PV will make you more efficient and reduce the payback time of your solar PV system by alerting you to the best times to turn on high-load appliances. With the help of the Solo II PV you’ll be able to start making the most of your solar PV panels.

  • Track your total FiT earnings.

  • Event log (error / status messages from the inverters).

  • Performance comparison of the individual inverters and strings.

  • Data and fault messages via e-mail.

  • And much, much more.

OWL Monitor

OWL electricity monitors are simple devices aimed at giving you low cost, quick to install and easy to use device to help understand domestic electricity consumption. The monitor shows consumption or cost per hour and has a COequivalent reading too.  Because the monitor is wireless and portable, you can easily walk around the house and observe, by switching on and off, how much energy particular devices are using.  You can also see the overall consumption by day / week / month and compare periods to see if savings have been made.

  • Monitoring of live consumption for the property.

  • Access to historical and average readings for up to the past three months.

  • Supports block and economy7 tariffs, as well as flat-rate.

  • Simple installation and setup – doesn’t require an electrician.

  • Displays greenhouse gas impact, date and time as well as energy usage and cost.

  • Multiple alarm functions to instantly identify when you’re exceeding a customisable target.


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